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“Just before a recent visit to my daughter’s home, I chipped one of my front teeth! When I told my daughter, she encouraged me to see Dr. Fadi, who fit me in right away. Not only was the experience pleasant, but I could not see where my tooth ended and the filling began. Perfect color and surface match! I live in Connecticut; otherwise Dr. Fadi would be my regular dentist.”

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“I did not like going to the dentist at all until I met Dr. Fadi. he is very gentle and cares about how you are feeling. He also takes into account your financial situation and explains all your options on every procedure and does not try to do things that you really do not need. He is fun to talk to and the time just passes so fast while you are in his office.”

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“I have been seeing Dr. Jina for my routine 6 month cleanings. I had a chipped front tooth, and was not very happy about it. I brought it up with Dr. Jina and she offered porcelain veneers as a good treatment option. She explained the process and pros and cons. I went with the treatment and have been extremely happy about it – painless and looks great. I feel good about myself – what more can I ask for. Thanks Dr. Jina and the caring staff!”

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“Professional, thorough, competent but the huge bonus is an incredible relaxed attitude, always a smile on her face, always checking for your comfort #1, pleasant sense of humor & genuine concern for you, the patient. I have never had a more stress-free experience at the dentist’s than with Dr. Jina. When my original, much loved!, dentist sold her practice I feared I would need to find another but Dr. Jina has been a dream replacement & I feel very grateful. Thank you! P.S. The waiting area is very comfortable with a great selection of magazines although I have never had to wait long enough to enjoy them.”


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